BFA Member of the month, Carreducker, recognised for their work with training and scholarships

Double celebration for shoe brand owner Deborah Carre

Master shoemakers Carreducker have two very special reasons to celebrate this month.

The BFA feature member for April, Carreducker, a bespoke shoemaking business run by Deborah Carre and her partner James Ducker, have always championed the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST) which supports the training of talented and aspiring crafts people, through the courses they run alongside their successful shoe brand.

They were therefore delighted when Deborah was appointed a trustee of Qest, alongside ceramicist Peter Ting (Creative Director at Thomas Goode). Deborah and Peter were both awarded their Qest scholarships in 1997 and are the first scholars to be appointed to the board.

But the celebration didn’t stop there as Deborah was also awarded the Qest Fattorini Award –a lifetime achievement award for service to the handsewn craft, championing cordwaining to a global audience of clients, shoemakers and footwear enthusiasts.

Deborah said: “To be honest I was dumb-founded when I was told, had a small mid-life crisis moment and then was very, very proud. Craftsmanship is at the heart of everything that we do and to be acknowledged in this way is an honour. Not only does the QEST Fattorini Award for Excellence recognise the years we have spent pursuing excellence in our craft, but it also recognises us as champions of handsewn shoemaking.

She added: “As a scholar myself, I know how my life was changed by QEST and I am delighted that James and I now have the opportunity to train the next generation.

“We believe that it is vital to first learn how to make a pair of shoes properly, employing the centuries-old skills and techniques of the craft, before you can truly innovate.”

Carreducker have a number of events planned for LCW (London Craft Week) in May, Further details can be found here.