Cheaney Shoes have been hand-crafted entirely in Northamptonshire since 1886. Cheaney offers a superb range of Goodyear welted shoes, from favourite classics to the latest in contemporary design as well as the Country Collection, some of which are made using the Veldtschoen construction method. Cheaney is proud to state its continuing commitment to manufacture all of its shoes entirely in Northamptonshire, from the cutting of the leather to the final polishing.

Beaulieu from the Imperial Collection features a hand-painted, in-channel oak bark sole with fiddle waist and is available in bronzed Espresso calf or Burnished Grey Calf. The Imperial Collection represents the very pinnacle of English hand-crafted shoemaking.

Leadenhall, an elegant two tie wingtip brogue with full leather linings is available in Black Calf and is featured in the Cheaney City Collection. This is a capsule range of very fine formal footwear, offering the opportunity to purchase shoes of the quality and elegance often associated with much higher prices.Cairngorm llR, from the Country Collection, features a bellows tongue to enhance its moisture resistant properties and has a cleated Commando sole. This ruggedly good looking shoe is of Veldtschoen construction, sadly now a rarely practised shoemaking technique, which makes shoes more resilient to wet conditions.

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