Esska is a London based urban footwear brand that launched in June 2006 and has been known since then for its stylish and unique designs, selling to boutiques worldwide.

Souraya Karami, the designer behind Esska, originally trained and worked as an architect before studying footwear design at the renowned Cordwainers in London. It was not only a passion for shoes that led Souraya to this shift in career, but the distinct lack of footwear designed for a confident woman who places equal value on comfort and beauty. Her dream was to make shoes that are feminine, comfortable, and not over designed. And this is exactly what defines Esska’s unique style: clean lines, dominant shapes, organic silhouettes and a bold use of colours. Souraya’s inspiration lies in the urban fabric around her: anything from streets, crossings and intersections to buildings and structures.

The shapes she designs are loyal to the brand’s ethos of comfort: round and square toes, chunky heels and natural rubber soles.”I believe in inner beauty and the concept of feeling good” says Souraya, “it is the harmony with oneself that makes one look good”.

Esska Design Ltd
16 Somerset Rd,
W4 5DN


+44 (0) 2088 111155