The company was founded by Richard J Draper who after many years in India and Canada, had become involved in the 1930′s with a Glastonbury glove maker, Harry Cox. His success in marketing the products, particularly gloves for industrial use, led to him taking over the premises and setting up his own company in 1937. The original buildings were a former chapel and cottages dating back to the medieval days of Glastonbury.

From working on Government contracts and supplying safety asbestos and leather protective wear, the business was gradually extended to make use of the available raw materials of sheepskin and leather. A pool of skilled local labour, with specialists experience drawn from generations of working with sheepskin, encouraged the development of the footwear business. By 1946 suede and sheepskin slippers were being made, as well as leather and suede sandals with crepe soles.

The third generation of the family came into the company when Nicolas R. Draper, in 1979. He is the present Chief Executive and is responsible for our retail outlet and web site, which is housed in one of the oldest original listed buildings on the Glastonbury site.Today the company is still very much a traditional family concern, giving employment to about 20 people, producing an average of 1000 pairs a week, twenty five percent of which is exported to the highest quality accounts throughout the world. The Glastonbury premises, extended in 1962, is situated in the shadow of the famous Glastonbury Tor.

Draper Of Glastonbury
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