For the Rogue Matilda woman, her city is her catwalk and her style is an expression of her personality.

The driving force behind the brand is to create playful flats that are not only comfortable but become the focal point of an outfit. This manifests itself in the use of eclectic materials such as feathers, pompoms, velvet, pony-skin and python effect leather, which have all become synonymous with the brands collections.  This animalistic aesthetic coupled with premium leathers and suedes creates the perfect fusion of classic and quirky, with a forever focus on reinventing the brogue.

Designer and founder Katie Matilda Harland entered into the shoe business following years of frustration at the inability to find the perfect flat shoe: pumps were un supportive, trainers unprofessional and traditional brogues unflattering. Rogues provided a fashionable, well-made, alternative to all this. With added sass.

Finalist for Footwear Designer of the Year at the 2018 Drapers Awards
Finalist for Best New Footwear Brand at the 2017 Drapers Awards
Winner of the 2016 Footwear Friends award in association with the British Footwear Association and FNPlatform for Most Export potential.

Rouge Maltilda
South Moreton,
OX11 9AF