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Technology meets tradition in the first digital conference

Technology meets tradition as Carreducker bring the 2021 Independent Shoemakers Conference to a global audience of handsewn shoemakers, students and associated trades and suppliers.

The conference launches on the evening of 19th February 6pm GMT and runs until Sunday 21st; the event features a packed schedule of screenings – workshops, conversations and demonstrations from specialist shoemakers from the UK, USA, Sweden and Singapore – and live Q&As.

Delegate fee £20 per person.

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February 19, 2021
Add to Calendar February 19, 2021 Europe/London Independent Shoemakers Conference 2021 Technology meets tradition in the first digital conference Digital Event Ash Redman ash.redman@dalestudios.co.uk 15


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A taste of the what’s in store…​

  • Screening of shoe making workshops from around the world
  • Carreducker workshop tour
  • Shoe Polish Demonstration, featuring John Chung, 2018 world shoe polish champion
  • Live Q&A with experts including Lisa Sorrell, Cowboy bootmaker and BFA member Caroline Groves
  • A clog making demonstration from Jo Jo Wood, clog maker
  • Screening of Philosophers, Revolutionaries and Anarchists, featuring Bill Bird, Phil Taylor, Tim & Fiona Slack, Jim McCormack, Andy Wichard, Perry Bruce-Mitford and Alison Hastie