Exploring digital fabrication and creative regeneration

Combining creativity, design and technology are the new building blocks for a new generation. The rise of digital has enormous potential to revolutionise manufacturing in terms of flexibility and makes way for a more sustainable, less wasteful future.

The world around us is rapidly changing, this can create uncertainty. However, the digital divide goes way beyond computers and tech, it includes rapidly making purposeful things and the ability to innovate. As consumers increasingly expect to have products tailored for them rather than mass produced, creatives are becoming more innovative.

For example Makerversity based in Somerset house London helps creatives/entrepreneurs realise there concepts before trying to fund and launch kickstarter campaigns. The rise of new gen micro entrepreneurs !

We use social media platforms to incentivise consumers to provide feedback on how they’re using and viewing products. Whether it’s using 3-d modelling, virtual technologies or the acceleration of innovative materials these all add longevity and an environmentally friendly product to the market.

My takeaway is that brands need to create and invest in service along with the digital evolution. In an economy where access and values trump ownership and image. This is because it’s cheaper, more environmentally sound and is more human centric.

Instability within the economy due to the current circumstances we are facing from covid19 right through to climate change, will affect how we live and spend. Low consumer confidence will need creatives as well as businesses to rethink how we use technology intuitively to connect with people.

“Whether we use pencil or pixel, we still need to design from the perspective of MATTER, using the brain as our main creative tool!” (Nicoline van Enter  Founder and Creative director of The Footwearists – March 2020)

How are you using technology to understand and create experience? Are you disrupting the norm and delivering values as well as value or do you find solace in staying in your lane?

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