The huge FN Platform footwear showcase gets set for February

The BFA manage to secure last few places for members

There’s still time to secure a stand at one of the world’s biggest footwear showcase thanks to the British Footwear Association.

The FN Platform, held in Las Vegas in February, is the leading international event for branded footwear in the USA and features more than 1400 exhibits from 30 plus countries.

Over 50, 000 professional visitors have attended past events and the BFA has been able to able to negotiate a new promotional package for UK footwear companies wishing to make the most of this premier US event.

“For any company booking through the BFA, we offer special stand enhancements, access to the prestigious National Shoe Retailers Association (NSRA) networking events, access to a matching program with US retailer and social media marketing through the organiser UBM.” British Footwear Association CEO, John Saunders revealed.

He added: “On top of that the BFA is also able to offer a British blog and a BritPage in the visitors’ guide for 2019, designed to increase our members profile at the Platform.”

Taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Centre from the 5-7 February 2019, FN Platform is seen as a focal part of Las Vegas Fashion week which takes place over the same period.

Mr Saunders said: “Las Vegas is a truly international destination for professional retailers both from the multiple and independent sectors. The BFA is delighted to offer this amazing showcase to our members.”

He also highlighted the need for interested companies to act quickly as the event is already nearly sold out: “We can still help secure good locations, but I’d advise members to get in touch as soon as they can,” Mr Saunders advised. “This is a hugely successful event and its popularity reflects that.”