Amazing footwear talent emerging from UK Colleges and Universities

Students are creating futuristic footwear whilst acknowledging issues of sustainability

June brings the start of Graduate Fashion week where a new shoe-design innovation is revealed to the footwear industry.

The BFA takes our industry’s graduate talent seriously and we salute the wealth of knowledge they’ve received from the UK’s exceptional and world renowned universities and colleges, who year on year teach fashion, design and art to incredibly high levels.
In honour of the hard work put in by students and tutors, we take a look at one graduate’s work; celebrating the guidance she has received in making her ideas and ideals a reality by pushing shoe design-boundaries and meeting the challenges set by a changing consumer landscape.

Annie Foo, studied at Central St Martins before recently completing a masters degree in Fashion Womenswear at the Royal College of Art in London.
Her work is strongly inspired by linear construction, London pop culture, architecture, organic structure and contemporary abstract art.
As a contemporary shoe designer, she, alongside her contemporaries, is defining a new era of modern footwear. Students in 2019 are determined to explore innovative methods of making whilst merging style with a desire to help reduce the impact fashion has on the future environment.
“There is no such things of zero waste fashion unless we don’t consume,” she said. “The only solution is to buy less and select fashion products carefully. Only buy the clothes and shoes that perfectly fit your body and use materials that last for longer. “
With these sustainability issues in mind, Annie decided her creations not only needed to look good visually, they also needed to meet demands of durability.
Using 3D scanned shoe lasts to fit the human foot and crafting the footwear in Virtual Reality,  Annie believes she has made a breakthrough in custom, made to order footwear. Using her techniques a customer’s unique foot shape can be scanned and encased in a perfect fitting shoe.
Her futuristic designs are innovative and forward thinking and she is adamant she wouldn’t be where she is now, preparing for a show of her unique shoes, if she hadn’t had the support and knowledge of lecturers from the RCA.
“It was always my childhood dream to be able to study here since I was very young and it didn’t disappointed me,” Annie explained.
“I am so grateful and overwhelmed with the developments and journey that I have been through.
“It is a very tough course but you keep pushing yourself. Pressure doesn’t come from tutors but your inner-self because you are always inspired and surrounded by the talented people studying alongside you who come to these respected UK institutions from all around the world.”

You can view Annie’s futuristic footwear at the Cork Street Gallery this Saturday, June 8th, 11am – 5pm