‘Leather Naturally’ gets set to launch global media campaign

Set up to promote and change negative ideas surrounding the use of leathers

An initiative set up to promote the use of globally manufactured, sustainable leather has just secured 1.5 million US dollars to push the message further.

Leather Naturally, was set up in 2010 in a bid to answer the lack of know-how available, especially amongst brands and influencers, when deciding whether as to use leather or not.

Leather Naturally, although run by a management board, relies on volunteers from the industry and is determined to promote the benefits of leather in a way that ‘helps the whole industry’.

With this in mind, the Leather Naturally group launched an initiative which secure 1.5 million dollars to help create a world-wide campaign to promote the use of leather. The campaign, which will hit 20 influential cities across the globe, will focus on creating a state-of-the-art multimedia platform. This platform will focus on the use of leather as a fashion item to targeted younger generations and highlight the unique characteristics and positives of sustainable leather.

Egbert Dickers, Chairman of the Leather Naturally Management Board, said: “Leather has been and is still being used as a preferred material by many brands…we have also noticed that the recent years have shown that new materials have entered the market and partly replaced leather as the main material.  A major reason for this included the trend that sport shoes have become a common article in daily usage and partly replaced the more traditional footwear”

He added: “We also see that the evolution is influenced by labelling. ‘Vegan’ or ‘vegan leather’ is a trendy word that in the very recent years was considered as representing a good alternative for leather.

“Luckily consumers have increasingly started realising that the term ‘vegan’ often is a commercially interesting word for mostly synthetic (plastic) materials that is not per definition, a clean alternative for leather. The main challenges for the industry, is to show that leather is very much alive and a cool product to use in shoes and other applications.”

Pictured: Egbert Dickers, Chairman of the Leather Naturally Management Board