About Aspect Climate Projects

Here at ‘aspect climate projects’ we are on a mission to inspire change in the footwear industry. One that helps to create shoes better for the Earth, and better for your feet. We have created a range of unisex, plant-based shoes that have had each and every component independently tested for its impact on the climate and biodiversity.

The materials used have been chosen for their incredible natural properties as well as their ability to be easily replenished. We use by-products from the food industry such as pineapple leaves and coconut husks to help make our shoes, as well as materials harvested from trees that stay in the ground like cork and natural rubber.

An independent conservation consultancy has rated ‘aspect climate projects’ a “gold standard example of how shoe design can truly consider environmental impact” and we share their findings on our website for our customers to see.

We embrace slow, considered fashion so our shoes are only available on a pre-order basis. This ensures that all of our shoes have a home to go to from the start, minimising waste and over-production.

We use fully compostable packaging and a carbon-neutral delivery service, and for each pair sold we also offset one-tonne of CO2.

We are proud to be doing things differently and for the lengths we have gone to to ensure accountability and transparency.

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