Milly J Shoes
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About Milly J Shoes

Now entering its 9th year, since its launch in 2011, Milly J Shoes has grown as an exciting bespoke footwear brand. Specialising in special occasion shoes and shoe clips, Milly J Shoes has won major innovation and design awards and has been seen on several television and media outlets. Bringing footwear back to the heart of Norwich, the Milly J shop and studio are based in the historic Tombland quarter.

The business works carefully and diligently with each client. Creativity, consistency and skill are at the heart of the brand.

The public can visit the Milly J Shoes shop and purchase off the shelf shoes or shoe clips. Though most opt for their own Milly J created shoes.  The brand offers several services from customised shoes, sculpted art shoes, consultations, window and event shoe displays, to workshops, sourcing for challenging feet and talks.

A very unique and special environment for those who truly want to walk in their own shoes.

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