About Mokkah Shoes

Mokkah is a luxurious women’s footwear brand, catering to fashion-conscious women who wear extended sizes (UK8- UK12).

Designed in the UK and manufactured using only the finest of materials in Portugal, our shoes are on-trend, true to fit and are of an excellent quality. Sherene Headley, Founding Director, birthed Mokkah in direct response to her love for shoes and frustration at the lack of options, in her size, which met current trends.

Sherene spent most of her young adult life embarrassed by the size of her feet, purely due to the unflattering shoes that were available. Tired of living vicariously through friends – buying them shoes for their birthdays and dreading any occasions where she had to ‘dress up’, she started a footwear business.

At Mokkah, our aim is to empower the women who for a long time, found it difficult to express themselves through fashion.

With our clients at the forefront of every design and manufacturing decision, we provide footwear women want to wear, guaranteeing them the compliments they deserve to hear!

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