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The Little Bakehouse


About Mosii England

Bespoke slippers for discerning guests. Mosii are the world’s most luxurious handmade hotel & spa slippers. Crafted using skilled Italian traditions. Designed and sampled in England.

Mosii England was created to reinvent the generic and often lacklustre hotel and spa slipper.

After 2 decades of industry experience working as a footwear and product designer. Michael decided to shine the spotlight on the true integrity of the hotel slipper. Mosii England was created to realise a unique, new cohesion based upon the everyday function, purpose and desirability of an often generic and uninspiring basic.

Michael Lewis, founder of mosii-england, lives in the Gloucestershire countryside. A converted Bake House in The Cotswolds is the location and headquarters where he designs and operates mosii. With over two decades of footwear and accessory design experience in the luxury fashion industry. Michael having held directorship roles with Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Tom Ford decided to diversify away from the catwalks and to pursue his reinvention of the iconic hotel slipper.

“By shining the spotlight on to an everyday basic. I wanted to challenge the idea of creating a hotel slipper which was no longer a single use item.”Mosii-England is the first luxury hotel slipper with integrity, a true inherent sustainable angle and a desirable design aesthetic. Desirable enough to want to hold on to and take home.

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