About Poddy and Black

A love of gardening, a pair of tired old wellies, a clothes peg and a hydrangea flower marked the beginning of Poddy and Black. This is how our iconic “Poddy” was born. It was with these images firmly planted in our minds we set to work sketching out what would later become our first gardening footwear collection.

Spending many hours together, enjoying the occasional gin and tonic, it quickly became clear that we all had the same goals.

Our boots had to be comfortable and practical but not only that – we believe that all gardeners have a creative flair, often matched in their homes and personal style, and so our boots had to look good too. We like to think we have achieved this and have made it possible for everyone to express themselves in their own unique way; the Poddy allows you to find your own style! Because no matter which boot or shoe you choose, how big or small your garden is or what task is at hand, we know your feet will feel good and look fabulous.

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