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About Robinson Brothers


Robac Technology is the rubber accelerators and polymer chemical business unit of Robinson Brothers, which focuses on chemicals used in dry/wet rubber applications. Robac Technology products are used for rubber vulcanisation, such as safe accelerator systems, low temperature curing and ultra-accelerators.

Established in 1869, Robinson Brothers’ manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom include:

• R&D Laboratory

• In-house Hazard Screening

• Polymer Additives Laboratory

• Kilo-Laboratory

• Pilot Plant

• Large-scale manufacturing Plants

They have the capacity of manufacturing a 100g sample for validation up-to multitonne quantities.

Robac Technology is a dependable and reliable partner, offering technical support, innovative products and a bespoke service to international industries, including sport, automotive, medical devices and toys.

Robac Technology’s AS100 accelerator is utilised during the vulcanisation of the rubber for the soles used in running shoes. Robac AS100 produces a clean vulcanisation and does not leave behind any residues. Thus, it is considered much more environmentally friendly than previous alternatives. Robac AS100 complies [MS – Rubber accelerator] 3 with the BS EN 71:2016 Safety of Toys Standard and BS EN 12868:2017 Child Use and Care Articles Standard for N-Nitrosamines and N-Nitrosatable substances.

With regulatory demands constantly changing, Robinson Brothers closely monitor their supply chain to ensure raw materials and products are registered within the required guidelines. The company focuses on improving systems to ensure they are fully compliant with regulations, such as REACH. Robinson Brothers is ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified. Table 1: Accelerators used in Footwear Applications

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