TOUCH is a creative agency specialising in footwear and accessories design, development and trend forcasting.

Its purpose is to educate and change outdated views on trends and design. We believe that product design should have a purpose, and meaning and follow a holistic approach rather than fleeting ‘fashion’ trends. Connecting brands, designers, retailers and consumers to products in a deeper, more meaningful way.

Now more than ever, items must appeal to multi-levels of functionality, versatility and aesthetics.
We analyse these three factors, reporting on movements and trends that have longevity and purpose within the market.

We partner with businesses, designers and creators, to advise, support and bring ideas to life – providing insights to our community along the way.

Footwear and accessories are unique to other product areas requiring specific skills, knowledge and understanding. We harness this to create inspiring, informative, and thought-provoking reports and overviews.

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