About xxuma

We are a British footwear company with a primary focus of football boots and more recently, everyday footwear.

Our main aim is to stop consumers spending large amounts on fitness and sport. Through innovative product in-house technology, sustainability, and creativity we are able to bring the best of British sports to a global audience. We currently offer two different types of football boots (XXUMA PRO and XXUMA FURY) and our lifestyle shoe (XXUMA LIFE). Our target audience are parents wishing to buy football boots for their children (Fury range) and young adults who play football. In addition, our XXUMA Life range is targeted at a wider spectrum of adults who want comfortable, affordable shoes for their everyday life activities.

In addition, we have been original equipment manufacturers for some of the largest brands globally (including Adidas, Manchester United, Sports Direct etc) and recently pivoted into our own brand, XXUMA. We have over 50+ years in the sports industry and are excited to promote our own brand.

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