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About Zoe Ellis-Moore

We have all been told at one time or another that it is important to “dress for success”, but why should that success come at the cost of our comfort and career? When Nicola Thorp was sent home for refusing to wear high heels to work, I started to design flat shoes that are smart and practical.

Having come into work with sopping wet ballet pumps from the rain and changing into high heels. I decided things needed to change, by designing waterproof flat shoes. I also hope they make you feel as beautiful, as you feel wearing heels and mentally lift you up.

As a multi-tasking mum, seasoned stylist, world-wanderer we need shoes that match our lifestyle and help cultivating calm in a chaotic world. You were born to immerse, explore, linger and savour every moment, so every shoe is spearmint flavoured to help clear you mind.

The ultimate symbol of sartorial seamlessness or the LBD of footwear. Our timeless piece with harmonious fusion of professional refinement and everyday functionality.

To combining extreme durability with strong aesthetic design, each shoe is individually manufactured from gel injection. Shoes are functionally rich, bold and stylish.

Every pair of shoes and box is designed to delight by Zoe Ellis-Moore bringing a real sense of modern elegance. You’ll find nothing conventional here and we will keep bush boundaries.

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