Carreducker hold essential pattern making course this October

London based shoemaker’s Carreducker are set to hold a course this October, aimed at teaching students the essential patterns for a Derby, an Oxford and a slip-on.

The week long footwear pattern making class is taught by Fiona Campbell, MA who will teach the skills and techniques involved in pattern making through demonstration, trial and guidance including:

  • Familiarisation with the shoe last
  • Taping and designing onto the shoe last
  • Learning about edge treatments and seam allowances on a footwear pattern
  • Making a standard footwear pattern from the last
  • Creating the footwear pattern pieces for a specific shoe design from the standard

The course, taking place between 21st and 25th October, is limited to four students and interested parties are advised to book as soon as possible to avoid missing a place.

Deborah Carre said: “A well-fitting pattern is an essential part of footwear design and the skills and techniques that you learn will help you to design and create your own well-fitting shoe patterns in the future.”

She added: “We understand that students will work at different paces and for those who have time at the end of the course, there will the opportunity to customise their patterns under Fiona’s guidance.”

Full details on registration and prices can be found here

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