Thoughts on Innovation through Covid-19

The world is changing at unprecedented rate Covid-19 upheaval has changed the cultural environment and challenged the notion of “normality”

Subsequently the reoccurring conversation in my head and with peers has been what’s next, how to react and knowing what to prioritise. From a personal standpoint whatever products or services we were selling pre C-19 are not going to be the same coming through the other side.

The one thing this crisis may have given us is time to re- evaluate, share best practices and think outside the box to innovate. Many retail experts are predicting that consumers especially millennials and gen z will be purpose led when it comes to considering purchasing. So the bigger picture in achieving increased engagement and sales is to put societal views first before selling commodities.

“The enforced holiday from consumption could lead to reduced materialism. “Two decades of importing deflation from China means we have had price falls in retail categories like clothing and footwear. Arguably we’ve got an abundance of material possessions and we attach less economic value to certain products.” The Guardian – Lim Retail Economist

We’ve had to open our minds and re- evaluate what’s important in life. So professionally I think it’s a great time to share narratives and ideas about what could be next and figure out what changes we would like to see post C-19

Reflection for me has meant pivoting and rethinking how business models can adapt, new ideas implemented and how will this be achieved. During this period, it’s really helped me asking creative peers, factories and customers their top 10 ideas to how they could be helped right now and the attainability of this. From this there are 3 key takeaways that have enriched my lockdown experience;

Skills and knowledge sharing, this really empowers individuals and communities to be more self-sufficient in many facets

In segue way to the above, using all tools that are available within the industry and brushing up on new technologies to help innovate. For example, there are so many tools to help creative footwear businesses participate in the digital sphere. Whether it’s Modo 3D modelling design software or material exchange/swatchbook that enables us to digitally select swatches more sustainably and remotely.

Thirdly Inviting people in, it’s by enlisting the help of others that has helped me tackle problems and shift my mindset in these uncertain times.

Indeed, looking longer term there will be monumental shifts in the way we live and work. However, the overwhelming optimism I have is that we will get through this as we all share empathy, fellowship, community and none of the above can flourish without a shared purpose.  +44 (0)7958951651