Shoe Aid – how can you help?

….. BFA members encouraged to get behind a charity dedicated to beating poverty with recycled footwear.

Shoe Aid, a charity dedicated to ensuring no child or adult in the UK has to go without shoes, is calling on BFA members for help.

As well addressing poverty issues, Shoe Aid also aims to help address issues of sustainability and recycling. We took a closer look at their forward thinking initiative, to find out  how members can help and and what  are the charity’s aims for the future?

Shoe Aid – what are the problems it seeks to solve? 

*From their investigations Shoe Aid found that more than 2 million shoes are thrown into landfill every week. On average, one pair of shoes takes 100 years to biodegrade.

Speaking about this issue, Shoe Aid CEO , Lee Todd said: “not only is this an environmental disaster, but it will down the road cause a PR disaster for shoe manufacturers and distributors; in the same way super-markets are currently getting blamed for food waste. “

* Shoe Aid claim that 4 million children in the UK have to wear ill-fitting shoes which they say not only causes foot problems in later life but can negatively affect their academic and sporting performance, leading to serious problems with self-esteem, which in turn can lead to bullying and feelings of isolation.

* It was also discovered by the charity that around 200,000 homeless people in the UK do not have sufficient footwear, resulting in significant cases of trench foot in cities across the country.

How will Shoe Aid benefit business?:

*By providing a clear commitment to corporate and Social Responsibility,  having a positive impact on the environment and changing people’s lives.

*By saving costs on waste and fulfilling commitments to reduce the impact waste has on the environment.

·How can BFA member’s help?

*Donate unused returns or over manufactured stock which Shoe Aid will distribute to schools and organisations throughout the UK

*Provide financial support to help with the charity’s logistics and day to day running. 

“We have a manifesto,” explains, Lee Todd  “We believe that it is wrong that millions of unwanted shoes end up in landfill, almost 2 million every week, which is as much an environmental disaster as it is a tragic waste.

“We also think it’s wrong that 4 million children wear ill-fitting shoes, which is damaging to foot health, academic potential and self-esteem, not just now, but later in life and wrong that 200,000 homeless people do not have access to warm sturdy shoes.

He added: ” We cannot continue to ignore the problem. Its solvable and that is why Shoe Aid was created.”

Further details on Shoe Aid can be found here