Will July 4th mean the return of high heels?

On June 23rd the UK government announced that pubs, restaurants, cinemas and hotels would be reopening from July 4th. Whilst many of us will approach going out with some degree of trepidation, this is an exciting time for us all.

Flats, comfortable sandals, running shoes and fashion trainers will remain staples in our wardrobes, but I predict heels will make a comeback. We have become used to being well-dressed and groomed from the chest upwards for our Zoom, Houseparty and Skype calls. Now we will have the chance to show off our shoes once again.

People in a financial position to treat themselves may well seek out dressier styles. Buying trainers can feel like a necessity; purchasing high heels to wear on your first night out in months feels like a reward.

Consider incorporating party styles in your marketing messages on social media, your mail-outs, and hero products on your website. The roaring twenties might be starting late this century, but as in the 1920s, we need to let off some steam. Arrange socially-distanced photo shoots outside pubs, in studios lit with party lights, and with decadent props.

The big question is: how will our feet deal with moving from being bare or clad in trainers or easy sandals, to being elevated again? Alay your customers’ fears of going back to painful shoes by promoting mid-height styles, and emphasising the combination of style and comfort that your products provide.

Will men shift from trainers to smarter shoes? That’s a hard sell for the summer, but with weddings with 30 attendees back on the menu, purchases in this category should increase too.

This one announcement from the government could boost sales of heels, bridal shoes, smart men’s styles, and occasion-wear.  Representing a much needed boost for our industry.