Our Mission

Our Mission

We exist to support footwear businesses big and small, including: retailers, designers, manufacturers, wholesalers and service providers.

We also represent, educate and provide advice to our members to help them achieve sustainable and profitable growth.

From concept to carrier bag, the BFA is at the center of the UK’s footwear industry. We enable a myriad of businesses and sectors to come together to share, support and learn... which ultimately enhances the UK footwear industry as a whole.

The BFA, to use our shorthand name, is a non-profit trade association. Our dedication to supporting and strengthening UK footwear helps to reinforce its position as a recognised world leader.

Our Membership Network

Join a network of footwear businesses, manufacturers and brands and discover a community of like-minded professionals with a desire to drive the trade forward.

Membership Benefits

The British Footwear Association (BFA) is a not-for-profit organisation working on behalf of the footwear industry with the objective to support and grow British footwear companies. We work alongside Governments, trade organisations and other related associations and businesses to support, develop, protect, prepare and promote our members for a long-term future.

Like you, we are passionate about growing your business which in turn will contribute to the creation of a stronger UK footwear industry. Something that we see as a win-win for all involved.





Exclusive Monthly Reports

We produce monthly Retail Reports and Quarterly Import and Export Summaries that help to guide BFA Members and inform their business decisions. These reports are written exclusively for the BFA by our resident economist and reflect the nuances of the footwear and leather goods sector. Browse a sample of our reports here to gauge the support your business could be receiving as a BFA Member.

Extensive Resource Library

We host a growing hub of information developed exclusively for members of the British Footwear Association. Here you will find government resources, training tools, industry reports and expert advice on environmental issues, human resources and sustainability, as well as much more. And all created with footwear and your business in mind.

The BFA is the voice of and for the British footwear sector, supporting retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers and service providers. We represent, train and provide advice to help members achieve sustainable and profitable growth.

Get in touch to discuss your membership needs and to find out how the BFA can support the growth of your business today.

Simply complete the online form or contact us on info@britishfootwearassociation.co.uk for more information on membership benefits and how the BFA can help your business.

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Our Partners

Our diverse array of Partners includes companies with legal, financial, and international trading expertise all prepared to help BFA Members to grow their businesses.