At the BFA we support and represent British footwear designers, manufacturers, brands, wholesalers, freelance specialists and professionals from all corners of the footwear and leather goods industry. We passionately believe that the best way to ensure the continued growth of this world-renowned industry is to inspire passion and a thirst for knowledge among those who work within it.

This is why we have developed the BFA shoe school, with the primary goal of educating and inspiring individuals who have no formal training in footwear.

Shoes, and each element which goes into making them, are complex and fascinating products, the aim of the BFA shoe school is to educate individuals for the purposes of improved customer service, enhanced sales ability and personal career development.

Current courses

Introduction to footwear manufacturing

Developed by industry experts this short course contains five modules, all carried out online, which incorporate:

  • Feet, Footwear and Sizing
  • An Introduction to Footwear Construction
  • Making Fashion Footwear – The Cemented Process
  • Materials and Components
  • Ethics and Sustainability in Footwear

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