At the BFA we collaborate with a select group of key partners, working closely with them to provide our members with information, solutions and tools to assist in the running of their businesses.

Our partners can support you with business advice, both general and footwear specific, ranging from legal, to HR and recruitment. Our exhibition, freight and warehousing partners offer services to ensure all of your trade show and logistics needs are met, and our information partners can provide you with highly valuable statistical and analytical data.

Partnership Benefits
Our Partners

The BFA is run for and by our members – by becoming a partner you join a network of some of the foremost businesses within the UK footwear sector. Whatever business products or services you are marketing, BFA members are always keen to adopt that which enhances their business, makes their operations more efficient or increases their profits.

The BFA hold regular networking events and themed webinars, where we encourage partners to take the reins and showcase their businesses and services to our membership. We also enable partners to have an input in what we say to the Government and we ensure they receive Whitehall’s responses first-hand.

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