Membership Benefits

The British Footwear Association (BFA) is a not-for-profit organisation working on behalf of the footwear industry with the objective to support and grow British footwear companies. We work alongside Governments, trade organisations and other related associations and businesses to support, develop, protect, prepare and promote our members for a long-term future.

Like you, we are passionate about growing your business which in turn will contribute to the creation of a stronger UK footwear industry. Something that we see as a win-win for all involved.





Exclusive Monthly Reports

We produce monthly Retail Reports and Quarterly Import and Export Summaries that help to guide BFA Members and inform their business decisions. These reports are written exclusively for the BFA by our resident economist and reflect the nuances of the footwear and leather goods sector. Browse a sample of our reports here to gauge the support your business could be receiving as a BFA Member.

Extensive Resource Library

We host a growing hub of information developed exclusively for members of the British Footwear Association. Here you will find government resources, training tools, industry reports and expert advice on environmental issues, human resources and sustainability, as well as much more. And all created with footwear and your business in mind.


In all that we do we endeavour to provide the right support and tools to enable you to maximise the success of your business.

When you become a member of the BFA you join an exclusive group of like-minded individuals and businesses from across the UK footwear industry, giving you access to a vast support network. The BFA team are passionate, highly motivated and always on hand to answer your questions or introduce you to the right connections, whether here or across the globe.

We always aim to be ahead of the curve with information and advice, whatever the objective. We work with affiliates and overseas organisations to provide the best information and to provide a voice in the international forum on behalf of our membership. We also negotiate on your behalf with the largest exhibition organisers in the UK and overseas. Additionally, we assist with access to government grants and funding to help expand your business horizons.



As a committed business owner and decision maker we know how important it is that your voice is heard, both at home in the UK and internationally.

At the BFA we are the voice for and the voice of the UK Footwear Industry. We speak on our members behalf with government ministers and departments, focussing on local and global trade and industry opportunities.

The work of the BFA extends to government committees in all areas of responsible sourcing and sustainability, supplying manufacturers and retailers with the latest information and preparing their businesses to be future-fit. Through education, action and advice we ensure our members stay ahead of the curve.

We work tirelessly, punching above our weight, to lobby the government, pursue grants and ensure that the UK footwear industry is heard and its needs are met, at a local and national level.


We strive to ignite a passion for growth and development in business and across the wider fashion sector, which is why we are dedicated to ensuring our members have access to the most relevant training for their staff and businesses.

We work with leading training providers within and outside of the footwear industry, incorporating courses for both business and industry specific skills. Regular webinars are held in collaboration with our partners to ensure we provide you with the most up-to-date knowledge and tools for your business.

Our inhouse training centre, the BFA Shoe School, aims to educate individuals to help improve customer service, enhance sales ability and drive personal career development; all with the goal of educating and inspiring individuals who have no formal training in footwear.



The BFA team strive to deliver a wide range of support services to our members which cover all aspects of business life. We take time to select our partners, ensuring that our members' businesses will really benefit from and be enhanced by, the products or services offered in the partnership.

The range of services our Partners offer includes:

  • HR Support & Helpline
  • Industry News and Updates
  • Legal, Trademark and IP Advice
  • Health & Safety Support
  • Footwear Centric Economic and Trend Reports
  • Warehousing & Freight Services
  • International Trade Show Access, including access to Trade Show Grants
  • Exhibition Stand Building
  • Insurance
  • Tax Relief & Capital Expenditure Advice

And of course membership means you get to use the British Footwear Association members logo which identifies your business with a mark of quality and trustworthiness for trade and consumers alike.

We continually update our Partners ensuring we are delivering the best deals, latest products and most professional services on offer. Look out for our Partner announcements for the latest opportunity to improve the efficiency and performance of your business.

Exclusive Industry Reports

Retail, export and import statistics and commentary delivered to you


At the BFA we passionately believe that a key tool for ensuring you stay ahead of the curve is access to the latest industry data and an understanding of how this impacts you and your business. As a result, we have created exclusive industry reports detailing import, export and retail statistics, along with commentary and insights into what the data means for you.

These reports are released on a monthly and quarterly basis and are exclusive to our members. To access these reports, join the BFA today, alternatively email for a sample report.

Membership Types

Whether you are a nationally renowned retailer or Northampton’s finest maker; a designer, brand owner or specialist service provider, everyone in footwear receives a warm welcome at the BFA.

We bring together this myriad of businesses to form a single supportive community, working towards the growth of the footwear industry. We offer memberships for both businesses and individuals. You can find more information on this below.


As a business member you will enjoy an array of benefits, including promotion on the BFA website for your business (and your brands if they are separate), access to our resource library, monthly newsletters and daily updates on the latest issues impacting the industry, as well as business and industry specific advice, legal guidance and access to a vast network of like-minded companies.

Business members are businesses in the footwear and associated sectors, who are UK registered, have active UK representation and have been selling products or services for 2 or more years in this country or internationally from a UK base, with sales of £50k or more.

For more information on becoming a business member, email, or complete the form here.


Whether you are new to the industry and looking for more information, a designer starting out on your own footwear journey, or a specialist, our individual membership gives you access to a library of resources, a direct line on industry matters and promotion within the wider industry.

Individual members are in the footwear and associated sectors, with active UK address and representation, with sales below £50k per annum.

For more information on becoming an individual member, email, or complete the form here.

The BFA is the voice of and for the British footwear sector, supporting retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers and service providers. We represent, train and provide advice to help members achieve sustainable and profitable growth.

Get in touch to discuss your membership needs and to find out how the BFA can support the growth of your business today.

Simply complete the online form or contact us on for more information on membership benefits and how the BFA can help your business.

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