British Footwear Association Launches Footwear50 Nominations in Partnership with Imbox Protection A/S

The British Footwear Association (BFA) is thrilled to announce the much-anticipated return of its Footwear50 initiative for 2023. Teaming up with the renowned footwear protector, Imbox Protection A/S, the BFA seeks to celebrate the best talent of the industry, recognising 50 outstanding figures across a diverse spectrum of the footwear sector. With nominations officially open from today, the Footwear50 serves as an exciting platform to spotlight the talent, innovation, and leadership that consistently shape the ever-evolving landscape of the footwear industry.

Derived from a heartfelt appreciation for those indomitable spirits who have championed change, pursued excellence, and driven progress within the sector, Footwear50 ensures nominees span across seven critical categories: Retailers, Sustainability, Brands, Manufacturers, Suppliers and Wholesalers, Design Independents, and Footwear Supporters. This comprehensive approach guarantees that professionals from various business roles receive the recognition they deserve, underlining the initiative’s commitment to inclusivity.

Lucy Reece-Raybould, Chief Executive of the BFA, commented, “Footwear50 isn’t just an initiative; it’s a celebration. A chance to bring our community together, acknowledge the outstanding contributions, and applaud the pioneers – from those who’ve long been our industry’s pillars to the emerging stars who promise a bright future. The British footwear industry’s innovation and resilience are genuinely unparalleled, and we’re eager to shine a spotlight on those who make it so.”

On 30 November 2023, the British Footwear Association (BFA) will light up London with a captivating networking reception, celebrating those who have made a significant mark in the industry this year, and recognise their remarkable efforts and contributions.

The nomination process for the Footwear50 is both simple and open to all – embracing BFA Members and non-members alike. Whether you’re looking to commend an industry colleague or honour a mentor who’s left an indelible mark on your career, all it takes is a quick nomination on BFA’s website.

“It is a real privilege for IMBOX Protection A/S to be championing this year’s prestigious Footwear50 Event. To be in the company of so many of the UK’s most influential and dynamic footwear industry experts is a real honour. The environmental, ethical and sustainability synergies that align our organisations and people have never been more apparent than they are today. Together we have the power to revolutionise the footwear industry, making it better for the people and the planet. Together we are stronger, together we can achieve anything. Every move matters.”

Rene Charles Marker, CEO of Imbox Protection

As a pillar of the UK footwear industry, the BFA operates as a membership-based organisation. Comprising a vast network of UK-based footwear retailers, manufacturers, designers, wholesalers service providers, the BFA consistently strives to drive the industry forward. With an unmatched repository of resources, government links, and a dedicated commitment to its members, the BFA remains a beacon of expertise, support, advice, and insight.