An Introduction To Footwear Construction

An online course designed for those working with footwear who have no formal training.

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Our course is designed to rapidly upskill your team. It is designed for staff working in  retail, sales, sourcing, business support or communications roles who would benefit from a greater understanding of how shoes are created and made. The 5 units will take your learners around 2 hours to complete over a month.

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The Dune Team: “We are very impressed with the BFA’s online learning tool. The content is comprehensive and impressive and the presentation is engaging and relevant for those that want an insight into how shoes are made.”

Dr Martens Team: ‘I really enjoyed this, and learned a lot on a short space of time. I used to work in retail and it could have helped me sell more product. I liked the mix of videos and reading and completed it over 2 evenings. Great you could share on Linkedin and the social sign up was very easy.

What Does Our Course Cover?

Feet, Footwear and Sizing 
The importance of our feet, how footwear evolved into the product we know today, what is sizing and why does fit matter?

An Introduction to Footwear Construction
This unit deals with basic construction principles of the most common types of footwear construction. The learner will gain an understanding of footwear terminology.

Making Fashion Footwear the Cemented Process
Understanding the design, development and manufacturing of fashion footwear using the most common process; cemented construction.

Materials and Components
The primary materials and components used in footwear, their pros and con for use and pros and cons for sustainability.

Ethics and Sustainability in Footwear
The most important, introductory ethics and sustainability issues in footwear.

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