Briffa de-mystifies ‘Intellectual Property’

Aims to help businesses understand and navigate the confusing business term

BFA affinity Partner Briffa law firm are looking to de-mystify the term ‘Intellectual Property’ at a free event designed to help members gain a clear understanding of what can be a confusing area of business.

“We’ve all heard it bandied around that business needs Intellectual Property to survive and thrive,” a Briffa spokesman explained, “the specifics of how to do that in your business are not as easy to come by.”

In a bid to remove any complicated or confusing explanations surrounding descriptions of Intellectual Property, Briffa will be on hand at their ‘IP Uncovered’ event to decode and help make your business a success.

Taking place at 6pm on Wednesday, February 27th at the Briffa offices on Upper Street in Islington,  IP Uncovered will include a panel session and the chance to talk to one of the firm’s lawyers for any private advice.

BFA members can find further information and register interest here