Webinar presented by RT7Digital

The BFA is pleased to welcome RT7Digital to present this masterclass, which will be held on Tuesday 15 November at 11am. A senior RT7Digital campaign specialist will be delivering a deep-dive masterclass on Amazon chargebacks & shortages.

Amazon is one of the dominant marketplaces of choice in the industry in all ecommerce platforms. An Amazon chargeback is a fee or penalty that Amazon charges if they come across a mistake made by a vendor while purchasing stock.

A shortage may be when your invoice doesn’t contain the right information or Amazon BELIEVES it doesn’t, it will then charge you for the discrepancy.

Amazon has a number of different charges for various infringements against their policies. RT7Digital will use this webinar to highlight areas and processes people need to be aware of, and how brands can mitigate against future penalties. They will also highlight how you can identify if Amazon owes you money, followed by the processes needed to be taken to recover funds owed.


RT7Digital is a consultancy with proven expertise across industry verticals with over 10 years in the D2C space. It prides itself on keeping ahead of the ever-changing and demanding world of Amazon. It does this by having a deep understanding of the Amazon algorithm and how it affects your business.

RT7Digital is a full-service Amazon marketing specialist agency that builds bespoke strategies and techniques to ensure its client brands achieve sustainable growth on the platform. Their services range from the basic offering of account management, content creation and advertising management to the ever-important strategic assessment of your Vendor or Seller relationship.