Presented by Buyerdock: Navigate EU Packaging Regulations with Ease

All linear barcodes need to change to 2D Barcodes. Together with BFA Partner, Buyerdock, we will provide a live demonstration of their streamlined system for generating the new required 2D barcodes.

The GS1 linear barcode will be replaced entirely by a single, data-rich 2D barcode. All global retailers and industry have set a date to finish the transition to accepting 2D barcodes only at the point-of-sale – referred to as Sunrise 2027.

Global retailers are today starting to require both linear and 2D barcodes on pack (Buyerdock are currently running pilots with Australian retailers and many brands on the platform) register today to learn how Buyerdock can support your transition.

Our interactive session will help you to:

  1. Comply effortlessly with EU packaging regulations in France and Italy, as Buyerdock automatically generates the requisite Triman logos.
  2. Understand from GS1 experts why all packaging moving forward will require 2D barcodes – a crucial aspect of product compliance.
  3. Discover how to reach your consumers via these 2D barcodes.
  4. Learn how brands are partnering with Buyerdock to dramatically cut down on printing costs.
  5. Stay informed about regulation changes in other EU nations such as Spain, Portugal, and Poland.
  6. Uncover promotional opportunities that can be unlocked using 2D barcodes.

Every product on the market will soon need a 2D barcode on its packaging – get ahead of this shift by joining our webinar.