Unlocking the Potential of AI in Footwear E-commerce with ShoeAI

We are delighted to invite BFA Members to an exclusive webinar featuring Paul Davis, Chief Commercial Officer of Shoe AI, on Wednesday, 17th May 2023, at 11 am. Join ShoeAI and the British Footwear Association for a webinar exploring the latest trends and technologies in AI for the footwear industry.

Discover how ShoeAI’s groundbreaking technology is transforming the footwear industry with AI and why your business should be paying attention. We’ll explore the ways in which AI can revolutionise your business operations, from optimising your inventory to enhancing your customer experiences. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the risks and rewards of working with AI and how to incorporate it into your business strategy.

Shoe AI’s multidisciplinary team of engineers, data scientists, and UX researchers have dedicated over 10 years to perfecting their solutions. Don’t miss this opportunity to step up your e-commerce game with AI and Shoes. Register now to secure your spot in this must-attend webinar.