The conference will be an occasion to present all the project outcomes and set the way forward for the implementation of the best practices to attract and retain young people to the footwear industry. We will have in particular the opportunity to listen to the perspectives and experiences of national associations from Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain actively involved in the project.



The Final Conference represents the closing event of the EU project “Implementing Best Practices to Increase the Attractiveness of the Footwear Sector”, coordinated by the European Footwear Confederation (CEC), IndustriAll Europe and Assocalzaturifici, and supported by the National Footwear Associations in Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain, together with the technical support of the Italian consulting company Spin360. The project aimed at implementing best practices to attract and retain young people to the footwear sector focusing on these four countries, but with the goal to create outcomes that can be used across all Europe.

The conference will present the main project objectives and outcomes achieved: National Footwear Associations from Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain will present the outcomes of the key activities performed at national level, in particular:

Understanding technological drivers and technological innovations in the footwear industry: organization of on-site visits to selected footwear SMEs in order to better match the needs of the industry in terms of skills and competences with the offer from education and training providers;

Promoting the figure of the Mentor in the footwear industry: training materials and tools developed to strengthen the mentoring role for young workers entering the sector;

Boosting apprenticeship in the footwear industry: state of the art at national level, recommendations and best practices to increase the apprenticeship system.

Sectoral communication targeted to students: organisation of the 2° edition of the EU footwear contest “Shake the Future of the Footwear Sector – The Talent Shoes”.

In addition, the Conference is an occasion to set the way forward and priorities regarding education and employment in the sector. Therefore, as an expert stakeholder, your contribution is essential to build up a collaborative approach towards a modern and attractive sector for young people, as well as an education and training system that rapidly responds to footwear companies’ needs.

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We look forward to seeing you at the event!

17 April | Sustainability Summit

Speakers from Nike, Dr Martens, River Island, Vivobarefoot, Fairfax and Favour, and more