Autumn Fair | 3-6 September | NEC Birmingham

As we gradually step back into the rhythm of face-to-face events, we are delighted to highlight a significant date for your calendars: the Autumn Fair 2023. As proud partners of this event, taking place from the 3rd to 6th of September, we are eagerly looking forward to the unique opportunities this event presents to breathe fresh life into our industry through collaboration, connection, and mutual support.

Leveraging Connections for Industry Growth

In an era defined by digital interactions, the value of personal connections has gained newfound recognition. Autumn Fair offers an excellent platform to nurture these connections. This year, they’re launching Connect @ Autumn Fair, a service enabling buyers to engage with exhibitors pre-show. Free for buyers, this feature allows you to plan your visit, set up meetings, and explore exhibitor stands in advance, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your time at the Fair.

Autumn Fair: A Unparalleled Retail Showcase

Autumn Fair is not just a ‘shop for shops’, but also a treasure trove of creative inspiration and business opportunities. With over 600 exhibitors covering 11 diverse sectors, from homewares to gifts and fashion, the event promises a breadth of products for every taste and need. If you’re planning to make your mark in the Golden Quarter, Autumn Fair is an essential destination to source the most innovative and exciting products.

The Unforgettable Experience of Live Events

There’s a certain energy in live events that simply can’t be replicated online. The thrill of sharing a space with industry peers, the opportunity to experience products first-hand, and the unexpected connections made through networking are what make attending the Autumn Fair an invaluable experience. The Fair offers an unmatched platform for creating lasting connections, providing a blend of product showcasing, and a wealth of inspiration.

Introducing the Fashion Destination with Moda

In collaboration with Moda, Autumn Fair presents an exciting new fashion destination. It encompasses the latest trends, new designers and the must-have looks for the season. A range of contemporary men’s, women’s and children’s footwear brands will be showcased in Moda’s definitive destination, reinforcing the BFA’s commitment to promoting innovation in footwear.

Following a period of remote working and virtual meetings, the need to come together physically has never been more important. Attending events like the Autumn Fair is about more than just discovering the latest trends and products; it’s about joining forces to support the industry we love. It’s about sharing insights, challenging the norm, and collectively pushing the envelope to shape our industry’s future.

The Autumn Fair isn’t just an event—it’s a testament to our industry’s resilience, creativity, and shared dedication to supporting each other. We urge you to mark the dates, register your attendance, and prepare to immerse yourself in the Autumn Fair 2023—an essential juncture on the path to industry revival.

We’re excited about the chance to reconnect with you in person, and look forward to seeing you there!

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