The British Footwear Association are pleased to welcome travel consultants, Gray Dawes Consulting who will be presenting a webinar for members on Wednesday 10th November at 10:30am

Gray Dawes Consulting is an impartial, in-house team of experienced travel data experts who combine 90 years of experience, market-leading tools and analytical thinking to drive corporate travel booking efficiencies, cost savings and traveller satisfaction.

It may have been a while since you’ve thought about booking business travel and you would like to know the up-to-date travel restrictions due to Covid and changes in travel around Brexit.  Drawing from their wealth of experience and knowledge in the travel industry, our speakers will be providing the following advice:

  • Current Covid restrictions on travel; Red, Amber, Green categories
  • Specific advice when travelling to India, Taiwan, Portugal, Italy and Spain
  • Rules around travel post-Brexit
  • Employer’s duty of care to employees


Claire Cassidy – Gray Dawes Sales Manager

Aman Pourkarami – Gray Dawes Head of Consulting.

Carolyn Pearson – CEO of Ltd

Following the 30 minute presentation, attendees will have the opportunity to pose questions directly to the Gray Dawes team.