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WIFI is BFA initiative to uplift women in the footwear industry. We aim to create a welcoming space for networking, sharing advice, and offering mutual support, whether it’s for personal growth or business endeavours.

Monthly Drop-In & Quarterly Specials

Join us monthly for candid discussions and shared wisdom. And don’t miss our quarterly specials, where we bring in esteemed guest speakers to address topics ranging from personal challenges like menopause to insights on managing an international business.


Our next WIFI session is scheduled for 16 May at 12:30 PM UK time. Please register your interest within the form.

May Session with guest speaker, Kate Lanz

The best of all the brains! Unlocking the ‘thrive’ in your brain.

We invite you to come and hear from Industry Leader, Executive Coach, author and specialist in applied neuroscience in business, Kate Lanz, who will be speaking on our next meeting.  Kate will talk to us about brain sex diversity and how by understanding ourselves better, we can unlock our own potential and enable our brains to thrive.

Properly valuing brain diversity in the workplace is one the biggest and largely untapped sources of competitive advantage for modern businesses. Recent advances in neuroscience provides the key to unlocking it. Understanding the power and subtlety of brain sex diversity is vital in enabling the best of all the brains.

Modern research shows there are sex-based differences in the brain – it is not just as simple as a binary ‘female brain’ and ‘male brain’. In fact, our brains are a mosaic and unlocking ‘thrive’ across the brain sex spectrum is fascinating, fun, good for personal well-being and good for business.

Anyone who wants to understand themselves, who leads others and wants to inspire, and who wants to unlock potential in themselves, and their business will enjoy this informative, interactive and practical session run by Kate Lanz.

About Kate Lanz

Kate is founder and CEO of Mindbridge, an executive coaching and business performance consultancy specialising in applied neuroscience. Before consulting and coaching she held senior international roles in business, notably with Diageo, where at the time she was the only female and the youngest General Manager. Kate’s fascination with accessing individual motivation at work led to her second degree a BSc in psychology, before she went on to an MBA and finally a Doctorate in applied neuroscience in business. She has a wide variety of clients from hedge funds to multinationals. She has lived and worked internationally in Asia, Latin America, the USA and Europe/UK. She is senior coaching faculty at INSEAD. She is also an accredited coach supervisor.

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