About Bahé

The world’s first grounded running shoes featuring conductive technology.

Grounding, also known as earthing, is the process of putting our bodies in direct contact with the earth, using its electrical charge to stabilise us.

We evolved in direct contact with the earth; we walked barefoot, we slept on the ground, and we swam in the oceans. Humans carry a natural positive charge, and the earth a negative one. Too much positive charge isn’t good for us, but being in contact with the earth neutralises our charge and brings us back into balance.

However, our modern lifestyles insulate us from the earths natural charge; synthetic footwear, indoor living/working and the constant use of technology means we carry a greater positive charge for longer periods. This is having a negative impact on health, mental well-being and physical performance.

Bahé shoes use grounding technology to put you back in touch with the earth electrically without needing to be barefoot. Using a series of conductive materials throughout their construction, our shoes have been certified to have the conductivity of human skin, allowing the wearer to make more of their time outside.

Two styles currently available; a cushioned sole and a barefoot runner, Bahé shoes are unisex, vegan, and have been designed with a minimal aesthetic so that they can be worn both for performance and casually.

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