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Tradition & revolution hand in hand

The Boot Repair Company was formed in 2011 by two family businesses with over 120 years of experience in the boot and shoe repair industry and have hit the ground running. The company was initially formed to support the repair of footwear for the British Army, Royal Navy, and Royal Airforce.

Since then, we have built partnerships with a group of pioneering footwear brands that are leading the market in sustainability and making a real statement.

Following our conception just a decade ago, the footwear industry is rapidly changing. People expect more from their brands to tackle the environmental issues that our world faces. This has allowed the regeneration of footwear using traditional craft methods together with modern technology to embrace footwear recommerce.

We all have the responsibility to help shift from a throwaway society and bring repairing back into the modern zeitgeist.
Specifically in our industry, one major goal of ours is to put worn footwear back on people’s feet rather than going to landfill.

We can prove this is not greenwashing, but a genuine form of revenue that makes a real difference to the industry. It benefits the environment, the consumer, and the brands that embrace recommerce & repair.

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