About Footwear Technical Services

Footwear Technical Services Ltd was set up due to the gradual reduction of technical experience in the industry. The company has a strong standard of technical consultancy with 44 years of experience in this sector. Working with ASOS/Sainsburys /Primark and Missguided as a consultant and during my employment with other retailers/manufacturers and suppliers. Footwear and accessories business needs to be constantly developing, looking for that important niche and if you struggle to develop your footwear business, then we can help. We all know that if you stand still, your competition will pass you by. Returns are one of the biggest costs to retailers today, going into the millions. Part of our remit is to analyse and create a plan to reduce returns.

Areas which are covered:-
* Design/style assessment/shoe development with designers and buyers.
* Sealing footwear (fit assessment and improving).
* Risk assessment/safety critical assessment (all genders).
* Footwear returns analysis and improvement.
* Production Training/shoe fitting specialist across all footwear genders.
* Pre-production.
* Stock checking/analysing/packaging.
* Mould prevention advice.
* Off shore production and sourcing.
* Pattern Cutting/shoe making.
* General footwear problem solving.

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