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Hilde is a highly skilled and versatile footwear consultant, offering cost-effective services to companies in the footwear industry .With a strong back ground in ladies and children’s footwear product development, sourcing, compliance, and supply chain management, she is dedicated to helping business enhance their products, optimise their processes, and embrace sustainability.

Having spent many years living and working in Asia, she brings valuable expertise from her hands- on experience in footwear factories and tanneries. during her time there, she successfully set up offices, created collections collaboratively with designers and manufacturers, trained quality control personnel, and developed sourcing networks for materials.

As a free lance footwear technologist and product development expert, her services are designed to support companies in various aspects of the footwear industry. Her deep understanding of fit, quality assurance, responsible sourcing, and transparent supply chains is evident in her work.

She offers her expertise and time to support SME’s in achieving their goals, providing valuable assistance when they may have limited resources for a full-time employee.

By collaborating with her, businesses can benefit from her extensive experience in working with factories, tanneries , and sourcing networks, ensuring responsible sourcing and establishing efficient processes.

Her comprehensive range of services includes:

1. Footwear Technologist Services:
– Conducting risk analysis and ensuring products are fit for purpose
– Fitting samples, grading, and managing sample production
– Performing physical and chemical testing for quality assurance
– Establishing quality standards and collaborating closely with suppliers
– Conducting factory visits for effective sample management and production control

2. Footwear Product Development and Sourcing:
– Sourcing materials and collaborating with last makers
– Developing leathers and overseeing footwear development
– Working closely with designers and supply chain partners

3. Supply Chain, Sustainability, and Compliance:
– Providing guidance on responsible sourcing and sustainability
– Streamlining component supplier base and mapping exercises
– Developing due diligence testing plans and establishing material libraries
– Offering ethical auditing advice

4. Organisation:
– Analysing work-flows and suggesting process improvements
– Creating tailored critical paths and standard operating procedures (SOPs)
– Assisting with on-boarding new customers and providing training and development for footwear technical personnel

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