About Jardin Living (JL)

Jardin Living (JL) Brands provide considered solutions for today’s lifestyle and conscious living, based on how we use products and their effects on the planet. From design to creation, all decisions explore sustainability and ethical practices on how we can produce better.
Owned by two directors Kavita and Deepak who between them have over 25 years experience in the fashion apparel importing industry. To date, JL has been self-funded and during pre-revenue period a major feasibility study has been undertaken and the company has both designed and set up an ethical supply chain for the initial product range. Using certified factories and partners with reputable companies that are aligned with our company values. Using fabrics and techniques where possible that promote innovation. Added technology through barcodes to give some transparency in the product manufacturing process, otherwise educating the consumer. Giving consumer a more informed decision on purchases. The supply chain are signed up to social & environmental initiatives that the brand represents. The designs are done to create longevity in fashion, to combat the ‘fast fashion’ industry, product is classed as ‘seasonless’ and therefore creating less wastage with ‘slow-fashion’ options. Cost is important, especially to the next generations, therefore all product to be accessible to all. Providing affordable luxury.
To continue our journey, we are working alongside major charities to help with our mission as well as theirs, giving a percentage of profits to nominated charities.

The products are a combination of apparel, accessories, and home textiles.

The brands include:
Ration. L the vegan gender-neutral shoes & accessories – made from vegan, organic & recycled materials R-Kind trainer RRP £70.00 average.
Reflexone activewear – made from recycled certified plastic. B-Confident Legging RRP £59.00

selling on a combination of direct to consumer through the websites, via 3rd party platforms through drop shipping and wholesale with trusted retailers like wolf & Badger and John Lewis.

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