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About Jeffery West

Please welcome Mark Jeffery and Guy West, founders of Jeffery-West and purveyors of seamlessly stylish, meticulously crafted Northampton-produced footwear. A customer will only ever buy a poor make of shoes once, but to buy into Jeffery-West is more than just purchasing a pair of shoes. It is like entering a gentlemen’s club, a place you will want to revisit time and time again. The brand is a testament to the old adage that ‘style never goes out of fashion’.

Expect a level of luxury and comfort more in keeping with the elegance of the heyday of British shoemaking – the ultimate age of skill and innovation. By using only the best of materials Jeffery-West has developed footwear with traditional characteristics. But each and every style has its own signature ‘twist’ of originality – hand burnished uppers, pointed lasts, diamond broguing, references to the George Cross, influences form Gothic architecture and its infamous and much copied cleft heel. Underpinning these is the Goodyear Welt the best method for quality shoe construction yet devised.

With most footwear manufacturers farming out ubiquitous styles to be knocked up in the Far East or opting for injection moulded plastic footwear and cemented sole units – with cost durability and branding seemingly driving the footwear market in the 21st Century – it’s refreshing indeed to see Jeffery-West’s commitment to hand-finishing over computer programming, ornamentation over blandness, and style with a huge degree of substance. After all, it is well worth spending money on a decent pair of shoes.

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