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About Loake Bros

The Loake name has been synonymous with time-honoured English craftsmanship and fine handmade shoes for five generations and over 100 years. The tradition began when brothers Thomas, John and William opened a factory in Northamptonshire in the heart of the English shoemaking industry. The aim was to provide the most handsome, durable and comfortable gentleman’s shoes possible.

In many respects, little has changed. Loake continues to be family owned and to pride itself on the attention to detail required to create outstanding quality footwear. Loake’s beautiful, handcrafted shoes have become firm favourites with discerning customers across the world and now grace the feet of a diverse range of devotees, including style leaders who understand the value of ‘proper’ men’s footwear.

Loake remains passionate about maintaining the exceptional quality that only traditional skill and a family heritage can achieve, for the sartorial enjoyment of gentlemen everywhere.

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