About IVI Moenus

Moenus is an independant company, manufacturing under the IVI and Moenus brands.
We manufacture precision quality tacks, pins and nails, (including threaded, hardened and plated products) both for the footwear industry and for other industries requiring the highest quality standards. Our products are manufactured to exact tolerances for a diverse range of industries worldwide for hand, machine and air gun applications.

With over 120 years of manufacturing expertise, we offer an unrivalled range of quality tacks, pins and nails, supplemented with continuous quality checks and first-class customer service. We also manufacture bespoke products in a range of shapes, sizes, materials and finishes for any industry. IVI and Moenus are trademarks of IVI Moenus.

Our Shoe industry customers are serviced through a worldwide network of distributors and agents. We are always looking for new distributors in countries where we have little or no represantation. Industrial products are predominantly sold directly to the end user/manufacturer depending on the country being sold to.

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