About Sprezzatura

Sprezzatura is a luxury women’s shoe brand built to create one of a kind, hand crafted shoes promoting British crafts , fabric and artisanal cordwaining techniques. Its founder, Neilkriss Tan-Middlebrough is originally from The Philippines and often turns to the rich cultural heritage of his native country for inspiration, infusing that with aesthetic influences from his travels and the equally rich culture of The UK, which he now calls home. Sprezzatura shoes are elegant, colourful , timeless hand crafted creations that showcase rare, exquisite fabrics and ornamentation. The shoe components are sourced from Italy and Spain but design and construction are done completely in the UK by passionate crafts people who share the same advocacy of preserving and promoting the “Made In England” label. In 2022, Sprezzatura opened its first flagship store at Porchester Place, in London’s chic Connaught Village.

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