About Vanassibara

Vanassibara is free from:

Traditional Retail Markups
Because you are savvy and only want to pay the fair price

Unsustained Hype
Because you are fiercely independent and endorse individuality

Cash-for-Coverage Press
Because you can think for yourself and seek out what intrigues you

Vanassibara must be on the side that disrupts the industry to stand far apart from the mainstream, whilst maintaining our leading edge designs and unquestionable quality.

In the recent past, the fashion industry has created trends from excessive hype and design has taken a backseat to this. Hype = Money? Seriously that approach adds an unnecessary premium to the actual cost …then add the cost of overhead for a typical ‘bricks & mortar’ retailer and next thing you know, prices have been multiplied many fold!

For a brand like Vanassibara who has always been fiercely independent, completely self-funded, and believes wholeheartedly that a great design comes first, supporting hype does not interest us. We do not dress followers, we dress leaders …let’s break this trend together!!!

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