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Footprint takes the online size discovery experience to the next level: To find the perfect shoe size, the Berlin-based AI-Startup Footprint Technologies offers a proven a solution: The software enables users to measure their feet with their smartphone. These individual foot measurements are matched with the shoe dimensions of the selected shoe model for a size and fit recommendation, that truly fits. Footprint builds a unique database with the exact inner shoe dimensions by collaborating directly with the manufacturers and thus helps them scale their fitting know-how into online sales transactions.

By using Footprint, online shoe retailers experience a 24-41% reduction in return rates, while increasing conversion rates by 27% and average order value by 28%. Size-related returns are avoided for a more profitable, user-centric and sustainable e-commerce.

Footprint’s computer vision based software provides accurate feet measurements and runs on all iOS and Android smartphones, with an Full-HD camera. Footprint’s Size Consultant is a fully web-based service, an app install is not even needed. Due to a seamless integration into the retailer’s webshop, users will experience an innovative, easy and seamless journey, starting and ending in the webstore.

By using simple coding, Footprint provides an effortless integration of their webshop driver into the retailer’s webshop’s frontend. This driver will manage the connection to the Footprint service and will exchange all relevant information.

Footprint is a technology partner of SAP and Shopware, but also serves all other e-commerce systems, like e.g. Shopify.

Footprint Technologies already works with clients from six European Countries, Japan and the US. The service works in all common shoe segments it is already in use from safety shoes to barefoot shoes and from toddler shoes to luxury performance sneakers.

Footprint constantly improves their size recommendations with latest scientific research results. Additionally they are also able to support shoe manufacturers to optimize their last shapes based on their massive amount of foot data, to continously improve the fit.

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