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About Hexagon Consulting

Every importing and exporting business should be aware of the importance of correctly classifying their products. Establishing the correct tariff classification will determine:

  • The rate of customs duty applicable to the goods at import
  • Any additional duties that may apply, for example anti-dumping duty
  • Documentary requirements (e.g. import licenses, certificates of origin etc.)

As importer of the goods, it is your legal responsibility to ensure that your products are classified correctly, even if you rely on your freight forwarder to provide this service for you.

Finding the correct tariff classification for your products amongst the 14,000 or so codes in the UK Tariff may not be straightforward. Goods falling in certain sectors of the tariff (e.g. clothing and footwear) can be particularly difficult to classify.

Hexagon Consulting Limited is an independent customs duty consultancy dedicated to helping BFA members minimise the cost of importing goods. With extensive knowledge and experience in all customs related matters, Hexagon provides a range of services designed to help UK importers and exporters deliver their goods legally and at the lowest possible cost.

Hexagon can offer a range of services, including;

  • Telephone/email advice via the Hexagon ‘helpline’
  • Tariff classification advice, including obtaining binding rulings where necessary
  • Valuation advice
  • Periodic auditing of import declarations
  • Assistance with Customs appeals
  • Support in the event of a customs audit
  • Mail-outs advising of upcoming changes in customs regulations

With particular focus on duty minimisation, Hexagon has recovered in excess of £750,000 in overpaid duty from HMRC since 2005.Hexagon is delighted to offer preferential rates to BFA members, including an initial free of charge ‘health check’ to any importer that feels this may be of benefit. For further details, please contact:

The BFA is run for and by our members – by becoming a partner you join a network of some of the foremost businesses within the UK footwear sector. Whatever business products or services you are marketing, BFA members are always keen to adopt that which enhances their business, makes their operations more efficient or increases their profits.

The BFA hold regular networking events and themed webinars, where we encourage partners to take the reins and showcase their businesses and services to our membership. We also enable partners to have an input in what we say to the Government and we ensure they receive Whitehall’s responses first-hand.

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