About IMBOX Protection

IMBOX Protection is a shoe protection service offered in-store. The simple plug-and-play solution provides you with the possibility to offer your customers premium quality footwear protection right in your stores.

The IMBOX is easy to use. Simply place the footwear in the machine, select the program, and in less than 60 seconds, the shoes are ready to wear. The machine works by spraying the shoes inside a chamber, ensuring even coverage.

IMBOX Protection is the world’s only in-store shoe protection service. IMBOX Protection was created to better the world of footwear protection and to be safe for people and the planet.

The best, easiest and most sustainable protection of footwear on the market.

IMBOX Protection is both a growth driver and competitive advantage for your business, providing you with the possibility of offering your customers professional footwear protection.

We design, develop and manufacture our patented products in Denmark. Our production is located in North Jutland and our IMBOX Protection liquid is developed and tested in Southern Denmark.

With more than 7000 IMBOX’s placed across 33 countries and over 30 million treatments already dispensed, we are already well established and serving millions of consumers across the world. However, we aim to fulfil our vision of becoming the world’s best and most innovative protection system for all that you wear.

The 8 reasons why you should choose IMBOX Protection.

01: Additional profitable income for your business
02: Increase footfall in-store
03: Safe and environmentally friendly
04: Increase sale of complementary products
05: Professional footwear protection
06: High turnover
07: Competitive Advantage
08: Easy and fast

Our Sustainable Approach.

IMBOX Protection helps our customers reduce the environmental impacts and carbon emissions in the protection and care stages of the footwear lifecycle.

With IMBOX, you as a retailer can take an active part in working towards reaching sustainable development goals and position your business in line with your customers growing demand for less impactful environmental solutions.

IMBOX protection gives you a unique opportunity to offer your customers a sustainable choice when it comes to a shoe care.

Please join us on our mission to revolutionise the footwear shoe care industry.

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